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The Name Game

I’ve a tattoo. Had it for ages. Obvious and invisible, I wear it for none to notice and all to see. It came to mind earlier when someone asked about my blog title: Words + Photos + Life I considered and dismissed a lot of names before settling on a simple binominal... read more

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The Ghost of Christmas Past

The Ghost of Christmas Past

For most of us, this evening marks the end of the holiday season. Monday will find us back to full weeks of work, school, life. I may be in the minority, but I’m slow to let the season go. I revel in the myth and magic of dark days, cold nights, wood smoke and... read more
Happy Star Wars Reads Day!

Happy Star Wars Reads Day!

It was a lovely day to find yourself under a tree with a book. Which I did–but only long enough to take this photo. As for the remainder of the day–it wasn’t as literary or as Star Warsy as I would have liked. After several years of attending Star... read more


{Curriculum Vitae}

Vice President of Communications Southwestern Electric Cooperative 1998-2008; 2013 – Present I write, edit, and shoot photos for a monthly magazine that highlights company programs and accomplishments, as well as the Illinois rural lifestyle.

Writer/Editor/Photographer Freelance Contractor June 2008 – Present My photos have appeared in advertising, brochures, travel guides, magazines and on postcards. I’ve done extensive contract work for the National Road Association of Illinois, which entailed shooting photos of people, places and events in National Road communities across the state.

Interpretive Project Developer Illinois National Road Assn. June 2012 – Present I researched, wrote narrative, shot photos and collected images for a series of cultural heritage interpretive panels that will stand in 21 communities along 160 miles of Southern Illinois highway.

Associate Editor Illinois Country Living 1997 – 1998 I wrote, edited, and shot photos for a monthly consumer magazine with a circulation of 150,000. I edited consumer publications distributed by approximately 30 utilities, wrote corporate report content, CEO speeches, and wrote and photographed corporate events for press releases distributed throughout Illinois.