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Joseph W Richardson

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

 -Benjamin Franklin


“I never have taken a picture I’ve intended. They’re always better or worse.”

Diane Arbus

“Taking pictures is like tiptoeing into the kitchen late at night and stealing Oreo cookies.”

Diane Arbus

Shadow Casting in an Age of Light

Shadow Casting in an Age of Light

It was a strange start to a Monday morning. On February 2, thousands of people packed the predawn cold of a Pennsylvania hillside to watch a marmot deliver a weather forecast. The marmot, a groundhog named Phil—latest in a long line of groundhogs named Phil—was... read more

“There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.”

Ansel Adams

“To me, photography is an art of observation. I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”

Elliott Erwitt