Route 66 Station

Route 66 Station

I photographed this pump on Route 66 in Staunton, Illinois. The meter had stopped at 49 cents per gallon. Alas, I pulled in a few years too late to top off my tank.

What’s the lowest price you’ve paid for petrol? I remember buying gasoline for 85 cents per gallon at a Mobil station in St. Louis, Missouri, circa 1987.

Can anyone do better than that?

Writing recap on Tuesday. See you then.



  1. The last time gas was under a dollar was in 1999. I was living in Evansville, Indiana at the time. It was May 1999 and gas was 87 cents/gal. I remember remarking to a friend, “This will be the last time gas is ever less than $1/gallon.” So far, I was right.

  2. I think I have a picture from my trip to Detroit in 1986 that shows the gas at 69.9 cents per. If I run across it I’ll scan it and post it somewhere.

  3. So I’ve spawned conversation regarding the price of gas in the good ol’ days. We really are destined to become our parents and grandparents, aren’t we? 

    Back when gas was under a buck, I would have bristled at the notion. Now, I find it comforting.


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