Sunset and MoonglowIf you’re a weather watcher, you probably know the sun has been casting off some impressive flares this week. On Earth, coronal mass ejections appear days later as auroras–shimmering lights in the night skies above the poles.

Out of curiosity, I priced flights to Alaska, Canada and Norway–prime aurora viewing country.¬†Would I make a 14-hour flight to spend a few hours in freezing temps beneath dark skies and shifting light? In a heartbeat. Assuming the price was right.

It wasn’t. So I leave you with this. It’s a photo shot near the Eldon Hazlet entrance to Carlyle Lake in Illinois. No, no Northern Lights here. But there’s inspiration in the sunset and magic in moonglow, and they are no less wild or lovely for being within reach.


If you’ve tuned in for writerly stuff, we’ll touch on that Thursday. And now, we sleep.


Q/A: When’s the last time you counted stars or wondered what lay beyond the moon? With recent talk of planets in the Goldilocks Zone, do you think we have neighbors? Should we make an effort to knock on distant doors, or do we focus on tidying up our home, and let the neighbors, should there be any, come looking for us if they care to meet?