Richardson_Cask_02062014_600x400Welcome to Ice Station Zebra. The glaciers have receded from downstate Illinois, but we’ve a chance for snow today, and we’re due to wake up to subzero temps Monday. Our little square of the Midwest makes Sochi look like the tropics. It’s been a winter for the record books.

I kept up with my gratitude journal this week, posted a shot each day in Chantelle Ellem’s Photo A Day challenge, and finished reviewing Notebook #3 for my work in progress.

Work In Play

This week I want to make it through Notebook #4, highlighting keynotes for my work in progress. Doesn’t sound terribly ambitious, I know. It’s a thick notebook. ‘Nuff said.

On top of that, I’ll keep up with my gratitude journal and continue posting shots to Chantelle’s site.

Speaking of shots, you’re looking at a page from my favorite Edgar Allan Poe story, and my entry for the February 2 photo challenge. The prompt: C is for… I give you The Cask of Amontillado.


One cask.



I love watching my kids play tennis, volleyball and softball–but I’m not terribly keen on watching sports on television. With one exception. I’m a huge fan of the Olympics. Power, grace, drama, grit–I’d watch every minute if I could.

I tell you that to ask you this: What are your favorite winter Olympic sports? And then, when you’re not cheering for your own country, what nations or which athletes do you cheer for, and why?