Several friends have been dealing with health issues or loss this month. They’re facing each day with grace and courage. In a single turn, they inspire me and break my heart.

In light of that, you’d think I’d have a deeper appreciation of my own blessings. But I still catch myself fretting over small things, or annoyed by the inconsequential. Childish, I know. Certainly I should have mastered the whole grownup thing by now. But no, I’m still an apprentice.

Right, then. Enough kvetching.

It was a productive week at the day job. We hit our goals, passed out drafts of our publication for internal review, and I made the first cut of photos for a feature story. As for afterhours work, I posted shots each day but made little progress on reviewing my WIP notes.


During the first half of the week, I hope to:

  • Make final revisions on our publication and proof it Wednesday.
  • Complete my review of WIP Notebook #4
  • Keep up with my daily photo posts
  • Review the first chapter of a National Geographic photography book I started recently.

So how ’bout you, fellow reader-writer? How was your week? Anything cool to report? Words of wisdom you’d care to share? A bit of sunshine that fell on your shoulder? Do tell. I’d love to hear about it.


One of the shots I posted this week was of a Great Blue Heron. I caught him fishing around the ice on the Mississippi River. I love nature. Always have. There’s something about it that recharges your spirit when your battery is running low…