For The Birds

For The Birds

Several friends have been dealing with health issues or loss this month. They’re facing each day with grace and courage. In a single turn, they inspire me and break my heart.

In light of that, you’d think I’d have a deeper appreciation of my own blessings. But I still catch myself fretting over small things, or annoyed by the inconsequential. Childish, I know. Certainly I should have mastered the whole grownup thing by now. But no, I’m still an apprentice.

Right, then. Enough kvetching.

It was a productive week at the day job. We hit our goals, passed out drafts of our publication for internal review, and I made the first cut of photos for a feature story. As for afterhours work, I posted shots each day but made little progress on reviewing my WIP notes.


During the first half of the week, I hope to:

  • Make final revisions on our publication and proof it Wednesday.
  • Complete my review of WIP Notebook #4
  • Keep up with my daily photo posts
  • Review the first chapter of a National Geographic photography book I started recently.

So how ’bout you, fellow reader-writer? How was your week? Anything cool to report? Words of wisdom you’d care to share? A bit of sunshine that fell on your shoulder? Do tell. I’d love to hear about it.


One of the shots I posted this week was of a Great Blue Heron. I caught him fishing around the ice on the Mississippi River. I love nature. Always have. There’s something about it that recharges your spirit when your battery is running low…


  1. I know what you mean about being bummed out about something, then remembering that someone has it worse. Driving home during a snowstorm Friday, I kept thinking of the people down South who were trapped in it all night, and reminded myself that at least the traffic I was in was moving.

    That’s a beautiful photo! We have red-tailed hawks nesting behind our house and they are fun to watch. Seeing them carry twigs to their nest also is a nice reminder that spring is coming, as hard as it is to believe now. :)

  2. Makes me want to grab my camera and go for a photo walk!
    And I love your poetic way of writing prose. If there’s a way to subscribe to your blog, I’d love to do so.
    All the best with your goals this week.

  3. I think we’re all apprentices in this life. I hope your friends are doing okay. Having health concerns puts things into perspective. Love your shot of the Blue Heron. They are such interesting creatures.
    My news: I have a shiny new website,
    Go. Create. Inspire!

  4. Ray of sunshine for me is that snow melted in my yard. I can still see it elsewhere; but not in my yard….see me dancing. Busy work week, but accomplished some good catch up, so felt pretty good about it.

  5. Nice catch getting a shot like that of a bird. Awesome picture. Hope things are calming down, sounds like you’ve been overly busy. Been awhile since you’ve blogged or blog visited. Hope to see out and about.

  6. Been so long since you’ve visited or blogged, hope you’re ok?


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