Still Waters

JWR05312014photocropI’m not terribly keen on posting self-portraits, but today I give you this: Me wearing this year’s Volley for the Cure (cancer fundraiser) t-shirt.

I don’t often speak about my cancer dance. But writer Jay Lake did speak of his, eloquently and often. I found comfort and courage in his words on days when I felt alone. Jay was gifted with a fine mind, lush imagination, and courage. He chronicled his struggle with cancer from the beginning, until he literally couldn’t blog any more.

Jay passed away early this morning. I’ll be looking for him on the bookshelves today. Jay, mine isn’t a goofy Hawaiian shirt like you always wore, but I hope you like it. Gonna miss you and your words. Thanks for your courage, your encouragement, and showing us how it’s done–on and off the page. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, mate…even though I know the last bit would make you smile.


  1. Damn, man. I am sorry to hear of Jay’s passing. I forget sometimes that I have friends who have done the cancer dance. I’m glad you’re still here – and I’m going to try to tell you that more often.

    • Thanks, mate! By the by, hope to see you soon…


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